Pangu’s Ongoing iOS 8 Jailbreak Attempts

Rafia Shaikh

Pangu Chinese team is already working to jailbreak iOS 8 unlike other major names who have largely remained silent on the issue. We waited for quite a few good months before iOS 7 was jailbroken. If Pangu remains this enthusiast to jailbreak iOS 8, we might see quite an early release of the jailbreak solution. jailbreak ios 8

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Pangu working to jailbreak iOS 8:

When the iOS 7 jailbreak solution was released on Christmas last year, nobody even knew about the name of Pangu team. However, this year saw the Chinese hackers remain largely in news for their unprecedented contribution in releasing untethered iOS 7.1.x jailbreak solution. A lot of rumors still circulate the group of using exploits identified by other hackers and ruining future jailbreak chances, users have become quite fan of the group.

No doubt, the first attempts at jailbreaking iOS 7.1.x were a little creepy considering they looked like those scammy apps after your data and privacy. However, much has improved since and Pangu has become a leading name. Definitely, Evad3rs team is still the most trusted out there but no word has come out from there to jailbreak iOS 8. While we await these hackers to say something of hope, Pangu team posted their intention of releasing iOS 8 JB solution soon in a Weibo post:

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"[ Remind] iOS8 there one day time will be formally released , except when the estimated iPhone4 alia, the phone will not brush 7.1.2 firmware , and want to jailbreak , please pay close attention to the last time . iOS8, we have been on the road …"

The post above doesn't really make any sense - blame Google translate for the illegible translation. However, iOS 8 we have been on the road says all that we need to hear. There is still no indication of when to expect iOS 8 JB solutions, however, we do hope that it'd be earlier than the last year's iOS 7 jailbreak solutions.

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