iOS 8 vs iOS 7 – Complete Pictorial Comparison

Apple seeded out iOS 8 to public today bringing a lot to talk and consider about the latest mobile OS. Coming in for various iPhone, iPad models and the 5th gen iPod touch, iOS 8 will be upgraded to by many. However, there are quite a few things one considers before making a major update. You might be suffering from a lack of storage or you are just not sure if iOS 8 features will be worth it. Here is an iOS 8 vs iOS 7 visual comparison to help you see the differences between the two operating systems.

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iOS 8 vs iOS 7:

Remember, unlike iOS 7 the latest OS doesn't really bring a lot of design changes so you need not to worry about getting used to the design as we had to with iOS 7. However, there is quite a lot of added functionality and improved apps that you are looking forward to. From the under-hood-stuff like Apple's continuity features and a tighter integration with Mac OS and iCloud, there are a few quite apparent, directly relevant to every user stuff too. 

Building on the design language of iOS 7 which was actually a quantum leap from previous operating systems, iOS 8 offers added benefits and improved user experience. iOS 8 vs iOS 7 pictorial comparison will help you spot some differences, a few added options here and there and a couple new apps and functionality too. ios 8 vs ios 7

introduction of third party keyboardsios 8 vs ios7

- Self-timer and manual exposure control added in iOS 8 camera appTime-lapse-videos

Time lapse seems to be in the trend too!ios 8 mail app

Improved Mail app with more optionsios 8 notifications

- iOS 8 notifications now support third party widgets. Notice the weather icon and single tab tooios 8 vs ios 7

Interactive notificationsios 8 health

- new Health appios 8 battery

detailed battery statsios 8 multitasking

Contacts now added in the multitasking windowios 8 messages

- quick response to text message notifications

Apple's latest iOS 8, as you can see, has an increased focus on improving features of the apps and functions that iOS 7 introduced making a life a little easier. Let us know what are your first thoughts about the latest OS.

You can download iOS 8 GM from here: Download iOS 8 GM for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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