iPhone 4s on iOS 7.1 is Jailbroken – Public Release not Expected


Jailbreak iOS 7.1 not likely for public release:

Only a few days, we saw a 2 minutes long video showing the jailbreak running on iPhone 4. Winocm released the "iOS 7.1 untethered boot" video that shows a jailbroken iPhone 4 device on iOS 7.1. While this sounded like a promising news, it isn't much of use considering various iPhone users have upgraded to the latest devices. 

The video had received a response from another jailbreaking expert ih8sn0w:

@iH8sn0w: @winocm does this mean I have to bust out my camera and shoot an untethered 7.1 A5 boot?:P

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In the recent updates, the p0sixspwn developer iH8sn0w has now confirmed that iOS 7.1 can be jailbroken. He tweeted to his follower on Twitter that his iPhone 4S running iOS 7.1 is jailbroken.

@iH8sn0w: @NGeary14 well my 4S is jailbroken on 7.1 atm.

iH8sn01 hasn't shared any more details about the jailbreak being tethered or untethered like that of winocm's on an iPhone 4. It is also not known if this jailbreak will work on other iOS 7.1 devices like the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad Air and both the iPad mini models.

iH8sn01 further confirms that public release of jailbreak is not expected as he is not planning to work on it.

@iH8sn0w: @NGeary14 I don’t have any intentions of working on a 7.1/8 jb atm.

It seems like hackers are planning to keep the exploits for iOS 8 as its release is imminent in this Fall. While it may irk the jailbreaking community, jailbreak release for this iterative update might have them lose the exploits to Apple.

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