Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Sensor Mechanism – As Compared to iPhone 5s Touch ID

Rafia Shaikh

As we covered live the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 at Unpacked 5, we saw that not much time was spent on Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor. Here in the post, we will share on how Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor would work; and then how it differs from iPhone's popular 5s fingerprint sensor. galaxy s5 fingerprint sensorRecommended: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s – Videos and Images!

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor:

Unlike iPhone 5s which has fingerprint scanner integrated in to its Home button, Samsung has introduced fingerprint scanning in to the bottom of the display. This rather relates to the earlier rumors of Samsung integrating scanning capability in the entire display screen. However, all of the screen won't work as sensor, just the bottom of it.

To use the Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor, you need to swipe along the glowing print from half an inch of the bottom of the display, finally going down and over the home button. This swiping area of sensor feels very limited. A narrow strip to fit your finger on to ultimately meaning that you can't unlock your phone using one hand. For using the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor, you would probably need to hold the device with one hand to align the finger vertically.

This actually is a flaw when compared to the quick and convenient usability of iPhone 5s Touch ID. Scanning seems fluid. However, if you swipe too quickly, you might experience some mishits. You can always choose to use the 4-digit PIN though. iphone 5s touch id hackedWhile users have complained about the awkwardness of using Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor, we might find it more fluid once the device is released. Demo devices do get some benefit of doubt.

The capability that takes SGS5 fingerprint sensor from iPhone 5s Touch ID though its utility. iPhone 5s currently only offers you to use Touch ID for unlocking your device or making a purchase on iTunes. Samsung has extended its fingerprint scanning beyond just unlocking feature.

Samsung Galaxy S5 will not only let you unlock your device but will also help you restrict access to the apps on your phone and confirm payments. While PayPal has already announced its partnership, more payment companies are expected to come aboard to authenticate purchases.

Samsung Galaxy S5 lets you register eight fingerprints as opposed to Apple's five.

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