iPhone 8 to Have a Starting Price of $900 With Two Storage Models Introduced – Highest Capacity Offered at $1,000, Claim Analysts

Omar Sohail
iPhone 8 to Have a Starting Price of $900 With Only Two Storage Models Introduced

The price of the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition has remained a very hot topic, with several analysts providing their input on the price of the base version of the trail-blazing phone that is expected to storm the smartphone market in the coming months. This time, UBS analysts claim that there are only going to be two versions sold at launch, with the phone starting at a price of $900. Well, this news certainly beats the other ones clamoring that the phone will have a price going upwards of a $1,000 bill.

iPhone 8 to Be Offered in Just a 64 and 256GB Storage Model - Highest Capacity Version to Retail for $1,000, According to Analysts

Business Insider saw UBS’ note to analysts Steven Milunovich and Benjamin Wilson and they feel the base model of the iPhone 8 is going to start from $900 to match the pricing of Samsung’s high-end phones for heated competition. They do not feel that there’s a strong point for Apple in pricing the phone above $1,200, but they do mention that there are only going to be two storage versions introduced.

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One is going to feature 64GB while the one that complete ballers are expected to carry around will come touting 256GB of internal memory. This goes against the rumored 512GB model that was expected to be introduced alongside the smaller capacity versions and we feel that because there is no option to expand your storage, Apple will not have a choice but to offer models that boast ludicrous amounts of onboard flash memory.

There is also a rumor suggesting that the iPhone 8 will provide support for 4K video recording at 60FPS. With the amount of memory UHD footage will consume at a steady 60 frames per second, it makes sense for Apple to release bigger storage models.

It will also be the first iPhone to sport an OLED display and with an edge-to-edge glass coupled with advanced facial recognition, you should expect to be paying a premium for the iPhone 8.

What is the exact price going to be when the iPhone 8 drops in markets later this year? Why don’t you give your predictions down in the comments?

News Source: Business Insider

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