iPhone 7 Plus Image Leak Marks Dual Camera’s Resurgence Alongside Boosted Battery

iPhone 7 Production Has Finally Started At Pegatron – But iPhone 7 Plus Comes With A Different Story

Ah the iPhone 7. Apple's upcoming flagship smartphone has once again managed to generate more than its fair share of hype prior to its launch, courtesy of the rumor mill. Heading into September, we've got a fair idea of what to expect on the next iPhone and by the looks of things so far, nothing dramatic should be expected to change on the device. You should be getting the usual host of processor and feature upgrades, coupled with a minimal design change and today some more images have surfaced which bring back the much contended dual camera back on the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 Plus Surfaces In Yet Another Dual Image Showing Dual Camera

Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have been in the rumor mill since the start of this year, leaving us with little to speculate about when it comes to their features and specifications. Both the devices will be getting some design upgrades this year, as Apple chooses to loop the antenna bands around the top and the bottom of their frames, leaving the back looking rather plain. For the smaller, 4.7 inch iPhone 7, we're expecting a larger rear camera this time around, with the majority of the upgrades expected to take place on the larger, 5.5 inch variant.

To that end, the past couple of weeks have been rather disappointing when it comes to the iPhone 7 Plus. One of the most anticipated feature on the device was a dual camera sensor on its rear, expected to greatly overhaul the lineup's photographic capability, which is above par already. However, a week back we saw some news surface from alleged Foxconn insiders that Apple's run into technical difficulties with the dual camera and therefore the iPhone 7 Plus won't be seeing the upgrade this year. Today another iPhone 7 Plus image has surfaced, which once again shows the module on the device, so maybe there's still hope for the sensor.


Before you get too excited however, if you look closely at the image on the left, you'll see that its missing a smart connector, which is another feature that's been rumored for quite a while to make it on the larger Apple flagship. The flow of the rumor mill this year has been pointing towards a more iPad Pro-esque approach for the iPhone 7 Plus, especially with the addition of the Smart Connector on the device.

The resurgence of the dual camera isn't the only bit of news that's surfaced from the far East today, as the same sources are also claiming that the iPhone 7 Plus will be getting a battery upgrade this year. According to the latest speculation, the device will also be coming with a 3500mAh battery, which would mark a strong upgrade from the iPhone 6s Plus' 2750mAh power pack. Given that Apple's hardware/software integration already helps power efficiency quite a bit on the iPhone, if this turns out to be true, then the larger iPhone should be able to fully support all the upgrades that its been rumored with. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.


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