The iPhone 7 Plus Will Get Dual Camera Modules Exclusively From LG Claims Korean Media

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The iPhone 7 is perhaps the first Apple flagship smartphone that has seen rumors and leaks surface a good ten months before its launch. While both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s lineup saw things speed up as we headed into summer, with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, things are very clear this time around. Not only is Apple expected to finally make some much needed design changes on the pair, but we're also expecting a stronger focus on the larger iPhone 7 Plus this year. To that end, some new information has surfaced out of Korea today which conforms to several previous details.

LG To Exclusively Supply Dual Camera Modules To Apple For The iPhone 7 As Sony Lags Behind

The larger iPhone 7 Plus is expected to get several new features this year, that should make the device an attractive offering for professional users. For starters, we're expecting an iPad Pro-esque Smart Connector to make it on board the device, which should result in greater support for accessories on the smartphone. Given that the larger screen size demands increased productivity and functionality, it'll be quite interesting to see if Apple has any new accessories planned for the iPhone, which should help the company quite a bit when it comes to differentiating the device from its competitors.

Another feature that's been rumored quite a bit for the larger iPhone is a dual camera, with Apple finally expected to make the extended sensor plunge this year. Taking a look at some patents that Apple's been granted earlier this year, the technology around this dual camera sensor surrounds a telephoto lens, which in turn uses four highly compact lenses to bend light to its will. Now, news out of Korea suggests that it will be LG Innotek who will be Apple's exclusive supplier for these modules, with Cupertino's long time supplier Sony deciding to change things up in its camera module lineup.

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The iPhone 7 Plus won't be the only iPhone that receives camera upgrades this year, as the smaller iPhone 7 is also expected to get its fair share of upgrades. Not only will be seeing changed positions for the sensor and the flash (stacked), but the iPhone 7 will also be coming with a larger camera sensor and OIS, according to all the blueprint, schematic and image leaks we've seen so far. Design changes on both the iPhones include redesigned antenna bands, a slimmer form factor and softer edges when compared to the 8th generation of the device.

Nevertheless, even though the rumor mill has been quite generous when it comes to specifications and features of Apple's upcoming flagship smartphones, there's still no word yet on whether Apple will make the much needed jump to OLED, even as Foxconn and SHARP continue to solidify their ties. So for all those hoping for major display upgrades on the iPhone this year, we'd advise you to not get your hopes high, as any changes should be expected on the smartphone's anniversary next year. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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