iPhone 7 Rumored To Come With Standard EarPods And Lightning Adapter


Looks like Apple is getting serious in removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from its iPhone 7 because according to the latest info, the bundled EarPods are not the only freebies that you’ll get with the purchase of the upcoming flagship.

iPhone 7 Bundled EarPods Are Going To Feature A Lightning Adapter – No 3.5mm Headphone Jack Option Available?

According to Apple Insider, a Lightning adapter is going to be bundled with the regular EarPods that come every purchase of an iPhone, but seeing this particular accessory means that Apple is actually serious of reducing the thickness of iPhone 7 by getting rid of one of the oldest components to be present in consumer electronics. Thanks to the Lightning adapter, it appears that your expensive collection of headphones are not going to go to waste after all.

There is also a chance that Apple could incorporate an extra speaker in place of the 3.5mm headphone, thereby improving the overall sound quality when you want to experience multimedia related content without plugging in sound peripheral. There are other ways how the thickness of an iPhone 7 could be reduced further.

iPhone 7 Rumored To Come With Standard EarPods And Lightning Adapter

Both TSMC and Samsung have employed a new chip developing technology called FoWLP, which stands for fan-out wafer level packaging platform. With this technology, smartphone OEMs can greatly reduce the thickness of their mobile devices since FoWLP does not require a PCB. Additionally, it is able to increase the efficiency of chips by 30 percent and reduce the thickness of smartphones by at least 0.3mm. We bet Apple’s ears must be ringing when they were pitched that smartphone thickness could be using by employing this technology in mobile devices.

One major improvement that we are expecting from the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 is that it will come with a 3,100mAh battery, which is huge even by Apple standards, along with on-board storage increased to 256GB. We expect that 256GB will be nice little upgrade for those who have capped their 128GB internal memory (for a premium price obviously).


iPhone 7 could also have a ‘bezel-less’ display, and both this and the upcoming 5.5-inch phablet are expected to be even more appealing than their previous generation counterparts. Moreover, the upcoming products are expected to be incorporated with EMI shielding technology, which is one of the contributors why your phone dies on you at a quicker pace.

While a Lightning adapter will be included with an iPhone 7, you will not be able to plug in those EarPods and charge the device at the same time, which gives rise to the question: ‘Will Apple finally include a wireless charging circuit this time’?