4.7-inch iPhone 6 may Feature a 2K Display – Rumor


Only a few days ago we saw the famous Taiwanese celebrity and car racer Jimmy Lin showing off his iPhone 6 next to an iPhone 5s. While, the authenticity is questioned about the pictured set, Jimmy Lin previously shared a similar image of iPhone 5c before its launch. Today comes a latest bit from the same source hinting that Apple is planning to launch an iPhone 6 2K display model.iPhone 6 2K

4.7" iPhone 6 2K display panel:

Reports coming from Hong Kong are speculating that the smaller version of the two iPhone 6 variants is expected to be launched this year will sport a QHD display panel. The 2K resolution (2,560 x 1,440) is pretty higher than the previously rumored 1,704 x 960 resolution for the iPhone 6 display. With the later too, we saw a report that showed how apps would perfectly run at a 3x scale of the base resolution of 568 x 320 pixels. With the latest indication of usage of a QHD display, it would go up to a 4.5x scale considering the same base resolution.

According to the source who has cited “Apple employees” from Hong Kong, the unit used by Jimmy Lin to tease us is an authentic iPhone 6 Beta device. How could these employees be certain? Well, based on these fresh reports, Apple has recently shipped iPhone 6 Beta units, for testing purposes, to its various facilities around the world, including Hong Kong. More so, the tricky bit is that, according to the sources, each sample unit can be easily identified by a set of unique particularities, reason why the handset hasn’t already been leaked more extensively via other sources[...]
the same source also claims that the iPhone 6 will in fact pack a QHD display (the source doesn’t say which model, but the whole article was centered around the 4.7-inch iPhone 6).

It is too early to suggest if Apple would actually go with a 2K resolution display. While the previous year has all been about speculating this year's flagships (especially Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6) carrying a 2k display, it is quite unlikely for Apple to consider this. A higher res display would mean higher power consumption and worse battery life. Super-thin bezel, thinner battery, QHD display seems like too much for a year.

Source: G for Games

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