Apple iPhone 4S Clocked at 800MHz is the Fastest Smartphone, 2x Samsung Galaxy SII

iPhone 4S has already made some extraordinary history in its preliminary release by grabbing a staggering 1 million unit preorder within 24 hours. While that’s not enough, another relishing news is there for those who have or are still wondering to buy an iPhone 4S. AnandTech has revealed the iPhone 4S as the fastest smartphone to date, 73% faster than iPhone 4 and twice as Galaxy SII in performance.

The iPhone 4S is clocked at 800MHz of a dual core CPU with 512MB of Ram. At first, iPhone 4S was thought to be comparable with other smartphones with a little difference but the reality is a bit different. Things are really different. The iPhone 4S is way ahead of other smartphones and devices as shown by the benchmarks below.


Below are the Greekbench scores:

Regarding the Greekbench scores AnandTech says:

Using some of the integer and fp tests of published Geekbench scores we can already conclude that Apple is shipping a lower clocked A5 in the iPhone 4S than it does in the iPad 2. This naturally makes sense as the iPhone 4S has a much smaller 5.25 Whr battery. Based on the Geekbench results it looks like the iPad 2 is clocked around 25% higher than the iPhone 4S, pegging the latter's clock speed at 800MHz.

The GPU benchmarks are provided by GLBenchmark 2.1.

According to AnandTech regarding the GPU performance:

Tthe 960 x 640 results are useless as they are bound by vsync at ~60 fps. Luckly GLBenchmark 2.1 added an off-screen render mode at 1280 x 720 where we can really see the differences between the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S A5 implementations.

Here the iPad 2 holds a ~21% performance advantage, which once again I assume to be all related to clock speed. Also note the huge advantage over the existing iPhone 4. The GPU power in the 4S should be more than enough to run any well written, current generation title at well north of 30 fps on its display.

Wel l the iPhone 4S is yet another masterpiece of Apple. You can preorder the device and for full specifications go here. In my opinion Apple is surely going to dominate the smartphone industry as it has in the past. Let’s see what the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich and Mango devices offer us.

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