[Confirmed] Apple Launching iPhone 5 By The End Of September

Sabeeh Qureshi

No guys we aren’t joking about this one here! Apparently an insider at AT&T has confirmed with BGR of the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 5 by the end of September this year!

To be precise, third or fourth week of September but before that takes place, Apple will be giving a huge training exercise to AT&T employees into further keeping the lid tight shut over the new Apple product.

Apple is supposedly going to make an announcement on 12th of September that will officially confirm the existence and launch of the new iPhone 5 as well as the much rumored and speculated iPad mini.

The Apple iPhone 5 is itself a replacement of the year old iPhone 4S with a faster quad core processor, graphics processing unit, more memory, a better camera, an IPS display coupled with Apple’s Retina display technology, a plausible 4 inch screen size, improved battery and yet even more streamlined anesthetics of the smartphone itself.

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