Apple Top Manufacturer While Android Top OS in US Smartphone Market

Ali Raza

If you own a smartphone then you are most likely to face the inquisition whether it is an Android or an Apple smartphone? With greater advancements in technology the competition between smartphone operating system companies and manufacturers is rising drastically, the most peculiar being Android vs iOS. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system are the most widely used smartphone operating systems and have invaded the market through their striking features and user contentment but which one is preferred over the other and rules the world of smartphones?

According to a new report published by American market analysis firm Nielson Media Research on the basis of June 2011 figures, Apple is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the US while Android is way ahead of iOS as a smartphone operating system.

According to the report, Apple stands far ahead as the smartphone manufacturer, comprising 28% of the total market. High Tech Computers (HTC) are next in line with a share of 14% of their Android line up and 6% of their Windows Phone 7 range while Motorola and Samsung cover 11% and 8% respectively. RIM’s Blackberry takes a 20% share.

This is a milestone achievement for Apple who has only two smartphones; iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 competing with a market flooded with a range of smartphones. Still Samsung is catching up with their recent announcement of Galaxy SII reaching a 5 million unit sale count in just under 3 months but still they have a lot more to do as Apple’s iPhone 4 reached a 3 million mark in just 21 days! Maybe things would go better for Samsung when Galaxy SII hits US soon.

As far as the operating system is concerned, Google’s Android now claims the largest share of 39% of the total market while Apple’s iOS takes the second spot with a share of 28%, followed by RIM’s Blackberry OS down to 20%. For Apple it is still not a bad news as it is the sole manufacturer who uses iOS where as for Google’s Android there are numerous manufacturers namely HTC (14%), Motorola (11%) and Samsung (8%) of Android smartphones out of 39% of Android samrtphones in the market.

Windows Phone 7 is only used by 9% of the total smartphone users in US but with their Mango update rolling out soon along with a number of devices from Nokia and other manufacturers it is most likely to shake the smartphone market this fall.

On the other hand rumors of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are surfacing the web and who knows they might be ruining the dreams of Microsoft Windows Phones to take over the market. Let’s see what happens in the raging battle in the world of smartphones coming up this fall.

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