iPhone 12 Pro in Navy Blue Features Precise Flat Edges, Thinner Bezels and Brushed Back Frame in These Latest Renders


We heard reports earlier that Apple was intending to replace the Midnight Green finish with the Navy Blue one, possibly because of how difficult the process was. With the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max expected to be offered in fresh flavors, here’s a closer look at how the smaller 6.1-inch model might look when Apple takes center stage and announces its four brand new models later in the year.

With a New Design and Finish, These iPhone 12 Pro Navy Blue Renders Are Very Striking

Unfortunately, Svetapple wasn’t able to provide the iPhone 12 Pro Max Navy Blue renders but if you take a closer look at these, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the larger member of the ‌iPhone 12 lineup. Looking at these images, the iPhone 12 Pro not only boasts slimmer bezels, but its design speaks volumes of a report that stated that this year’s models will be inspired by the iPad Pro. This would mean the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will sport flatter edges, allowing the user to grip it properly.

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Additionally, we feel that it will improve the design of the iPhone 12 Pro immensely though other users’ opinions may vary when they start feeling out the new models for the first time. The backside of the Navy Blue iPhone 12 Pro appears to give off that brushed finished, though, in reality, Apple could stick to a different paint job and call it a day. The rear side also shows off a triple camera array, followed by what could be a LiDAR sensor, the same one that is present on the 2020 iPad Pro range.

The size of the notch also appears to have been reduced, and that also needs to happen with the final version as that will give users additional screen real estate. At this stage, there’s no telling when the iPhone 12 Pro and the remaining three models will be released. With BOE reportedly failing to provide quality OLED displays to Apple, it could signal that these models will be delayed, but we’ll still keep our fingers crossed and our ear to the ground to update you in the future.

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News Source: Svetapple