iPhone 12 Dummy Simulates iOS 14, Design Compared to iPhone 4 in new Hands-On Video


Apple unveiled its latest iOS 14 firmware last month with a boatload of new additions. One of the major and most talked about features was Widgets. Today, Apple saw fit to release the second developer beta of the firmware. Since iPhone 12 models are nearing release as well, we can't help but wonder how the operating system will adapt to the new handsets. Luckily, Marques Brownlee a.k.a MKBHD shared a video that showcases how iOS 14 will look like on the iPhone 12.

Here's How iOS 14 Will Look on the Forthcoming iPhone 12 Models

We have previously seen a number of dummy units of the iPhone 12 that shows the dimensions and size of the handsets. Using the 'magic of video editing' MKBHD simulates iOS 14 on the iPhone 12 dummy units. To his credit, the editing looks sleek and to the naked eye, it almost looks like the real deal. Nonetheless, it gives us a clear idea of what we can expect from iOS 14 on the iPhone 12.

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There will be four different versions of the iPhone 12 released which will come in 5.4-inch screen size, two models in 6.1-inch, and the Max version with a screen size of 6.7-inch. Furthermore, we have come to know that all four models of the forthcoming iPhone 12 will feature an OLED display, which is great news since the cheapest 5.4-inch model will be a good deal.

iOS 14 on iPhone 12 Models

The 'Pro' lineup will feature a LiDAR scanner, much like what we have seen on the new 2020 iPad Pro. As for the design, the flat edges reminds us of the old iPhone designs. According to Marques, the design resembles more with the iPhone 4 than iPhone 5. In my personal opinion, the iPhone 4 looked more premium than the iPhone 5 since it was sandwiched in a glass.

Finally, MKBHD showcased how iOS 14 will look like on iPhone 12. You can see in the video embedded below how the screen takes advantage of the bigger display as well as the smaller display. It's worth noting that iOS 14 on iPhone 12 looks good and the introduction of widgets is better suited to iPhone models with a bigger display.

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Take note that the iPhone 12 dummy units are only based on leaked schematics and made by case manufacturers. Hence, the dimensions of the device might vary in the end. Furthermore, since these are only based on what we know about the upcoming handset, the final design rests with Apple and it can always change.

What do you think about the edit? Did you like iOS 14 simulating on the iPhone 12 dummy units? Let us know in the comments.