iPhone 11 Pro’s Night Mode Doesn’t Use the Telephoto Lens When Capturing Zoomed Images – Here’s What Happens Instead

iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode telephoto lens info

Most of the world seems convinced that the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max camera is by far the best optics hardware Apple could provide its customers. While that is true to an extent, the company may not have disclosed everything to its customer base. After reading about the latest report, some users might even believe that they have been misguided about the iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode feature. Here’s everything you need to know so that any and all confusion has been cleared.

Turns out the iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode Feature Doesn’t Use the Telephoto Lens, but Zooms in Digitally Using the Main Camera

According to a report from PetaPixel, the iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode switches to the main lens when users try to use the aforementioned when switching to the telephoto lens for 2x optical zoom. For some reason, Apple reportedly hides this fact by using digital zoom instead to copy the focal length of the telephoto lens. In short, when you switch over to the telephoto unit to capture an image in night mode, the iPhone 11 Pro switches back to the regular wide-angle camera and applies a 2x digital zoom to the result.

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Normally, this would be revealed in the metadata of an image because of the lower resolution, but Apple is apparently upscaling the image so that the size remains the same. This makes it harder to find out that the picture was snapped using digital zoom. However, the Cupertino giant failed to cover all tracks, as information is visible in the EXIF lens information and the same focal length between images, regardless of the camera being used.

If you need further proof, PetaPixel recommends blocking the telephoto lens physically when using the iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode and you will be surprised that the subject will still be shown in the phone’s viewfinder, which makes it more evident that the telephoto camera isn’t being used when taking a 2x zoomed photo.

It isn’t clear why Apple didn’t simply mention the fact that Night Mode doesn’t work with the telephoto lens instead of going to lengths to hide this information. These camera-enhancing results might just undermine the confidence consumers have in the company. Hopefully, we will get to hear the technology giant’s side of the story soon, so stay tuned for more updates.

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News Source: PetaPixel

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