iPhone 11 Pro Camera & Its Features Received Endless Praise From Travel Photographer

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Austin Mann, a travel photographer praises the iPhone 11 Pro camera

One of the highlights of the latest iPhones is their improved camera system and so far, we have heard plenty of great things about them. Now, photographer Austin Mann has also shared his verdict about the iPhone 11 Pro camera and he is largely all praises, although he does have a few recommendations about how it could have been even better.

Mann Praises the Night Mode, Says iPhone 11 Series Have Caught up With Competing Devices From Google and Huawei

The iPhone 11 Pro camera system consists of triple 12MP ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto units. Mann says he was particularly interested in the ultra-wide sensor, the ‘Capture Outside the Frame’ feature, the Night mode, and software side improvements.

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Austin Mann, a travel photographer praises the iPhone 11 Pro camera
Austin Mann, a travel photographer praises the iPhone 11 Pro camera
Austin Mann, a travel photographer praises the iPhone 11 Pro camera

It’s worth mentioning that the iPhone 11 Pro camera samples that Mann has shared on his blog were taken in China. He particularly likes the wide-angle lens, and also praised the shutter range, autofocus system, and aperture. Although the photographer believes that the ultra-wide unit works great in normal lighting conditions, he says the wide camera is more suited for dimply lit environments.

Mann also says that with the iPhone 11 Pro cameras, Apple has finally caught up with Google and Huawei when it comes to low light photography. He says the night mode is really powerful and likes the fact that it activates on its own when the lighting is poor. He also pointed out that that camera preserves the details, instead of making them look like daytime shots.

Concerning the ‘Capture Outside the Frame’ feature, Mann says it can be a little distracting, but still likes the fact that it can create new editing possibilities. This feature basically uses both the wide and ultra-wide-angle lens to capture more of the scene, and you can later decide which parts you want to keep. Other than that, he also praised the semantic rendering feature that preserves skin tone warmth and color.

The final verdict from Mann is that for those into photography, the iPhone 11 Pro is certainly worth an upgrade. Going by all the reviews, it seems that Apple has kind of outdone itself with its latest iPhone 11 series, given that they have the fastest chip and one of the best cameras in the market right now. Now we’ll have to wait and see how the newly launched Mate 30 Pro fares in the latest camera comparison.

News Source: Austin Mann

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