iPadOS 14 Introduces Mouse and keyboard Support For Games on iPad

Ali Salman
iPadOS Games

Widgets have made their way to iOS 14 and we can't be more glad. If we're talking about iOS Home screen changes, this might be the biggest visual change that we have received. iPadOS 14 brought a bevy of new additions a well to the platform and one of our favorites enhanced Apple Pencil functionality. Other than that, iPadOS 14 also brings keyboard and mouse support for games.

Apple Adding Mouse and Keyboard Support With iPadOS 14 for Games

iPads with their giant, beautiful screens are a productivity and entertainment center on its own. Moreover, the processor inside boasts ample power to play games with high-end graphics. However, since the primary method of interaction is a touch on the iPad, playing some games might be a nuisance.

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iPad already boasts keyboard and mouse support but it is not intended towards playing games. Now, with iPadOS 14, Apple is bridging the gap between the tablet and a computer once again, miniaturizing the differences that were once prominent to call the iPad a gimmick in the PC world.

iPadOS 14 Games

This will not only be a welcome addition for users but something for developers to implement in their games. We can expect solid title to launch soon which will make the iPad a pretty sweet package for gaming. All in all, this will also make the iPad an all-around package that just does everything. You will be able to make use of your existing Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with iPadOS 14.

Apart from iPadOS 14, Apple also unveiled watchOS 7 with sleep tracking, macOS Big Sur, tvOS 14 with the ability to watch 4K YouTube videos, and much more. We have been covering the event extensively, so do check out our coverage and share your views with us in the comments.

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