iPad Mini Production Begins In Brazil Prior To Expected Launch On October 17

The rumour mill is heating up again and this time its yet another Apple product. Until just a couple of weeks ago we were engrossed with rumours regarding iPhone 5 day in and day out. The focus has now shifted towards the elusive iPad Mini.

Rumour has it that Foxconn Brazil has started full scale production of the iPad Mini. It was reported a couple of months ago that the 7.85 inch iPad Mini will only be exclusively manufactured in Brazil. It can not be said for sure whether iPad Mini units will be manufactured in Foxconn facilities in China as well.

Just a couple of hours back we reported another rumour regarding the iPad Mini. An unnamed source has claimed that Apple will begin sending out media invites for iPad Mini event on October 10. This will be done a full week before the actual announcement takes place on October 17. The venue has not been disclosed yet, maybe this unnamed source is not privy to that information.

This particular rumour about the iPad Mini production being underway in Brazil has been posted by a Japanese blog Macotakara. This blog has been the source of many rumours in the past as well, some of which have been spot on whereas others have failed to impress. Lets not get our hopes too high.

They too cite an unnamed source privy to such sensitive information. The source claims production is well underway whereas the microphone hole on the back that has been seen in various mockups has been eliminated. Apple added a microphone between the rear camera and flash on iPhone 5 but it seems like this is not going to be replicated on the iPad Mini. While the source only says that these iPads will be manufactured in Brazil and does not mention Foxconn by name, it is pretty obvious as Foxconn's multi billion dollar plant in Brazil has only recently started functioning.

At this point in time, the iPad Mini release is expected to take place sometime in October. The company is very tight lipped about the existence of this device, like it always is when a new product is expected to be around the corner. Lets see whether or not we are treated to a 7.85 inch iPad Mini in the next couple of weeks.

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