Apple To Send iPad Mini Event Invitations On October 10 Prior To Launch On October 17


Much has been said, heard and written about Apple's elusive 7-inch tablet. It was initially rumoured that Apple would announce this device at iPhone 5 release event, however that did not happen. The rumour mill is back at it again. A new source claims that Apple is going to send iPad Mini event invitations to the media on October 10, a full week before it plans to make the announcement on October 17, presumably in San Francisco, California.

In the months leading up to the release of iPhone 5, we were also hearing a lot of rumours about iPad Mini. This 7-inch tablet has been in the news for over two years now however the company is yet to officially confirm its existence. Up till now Apple has not even hinted whether or not this device will ever see the light of day. Going by, solely, on what we have heard from various sources it is expected that the company will make an announcement sometime this month.

On the other hand there has been a lot of unofficial evidence that supports the existence and an imminent release of this device. Various mockups of the iPad Mini have surfaced online in recent months, being perfectly in line with all of the rumours we have been hearing about the design and dimensions of the device. The iPad Mini is said to closely resemble iPod touch while sporting a dual-core processor, dual cameras and a 7-inch HD display. It is expected to be manufactured exclusively in Brazil.

Today it is being reported that Apple will send out media invites for iPad Mini event on October 10. This has been disclosed by an unnamed source to Fortune, who seems to be pretty adamant about the legality of these dates. The invites go out a week before the actual announcement set to take place on October 17. We should keep in mind that it was rumoured about a couple of months ago that iPad Mini will launch in October.

Where and when iPad Mini event will take place, that remains to be seen. For now we have to rely on these rumours until Apple really does start sending out those invites for the iPad Mini event.