7.85 Inch iPad Mini Release In October, To Be Manufactured Exclusively In Brazil


The internet is not short of rumours about upcoming Apple products. One such elusive product is being heavily speculated upon these days, ever since internet search giant Google came out with it's Nexus 7 tablet. The Apple iPad Mini is reportedly going to be released in October. A new report claims that this device will be manufactured exclusively in Brazil.

Foxconn is the primary manufacturer of Apple products. Majority of the components are sourced from Asian countries, but ultimate manufacturing takes place at the Foxconn plant in China. Earlier last year, Foxconn set up a new plant in Brazil. This plant will help in decreasing the production load that is getting too much for a single plant to handle. According to this report, the iPad Mini will only be manufactured at the Foxconn plant in Brazil. CNC machine testing of this device is said to have been completed in China.

According to this source, the iPad Mini will be thinner than Kindle Fire, slightly wider than Nexus 7 while having the same height as the latter. The screen is said to be of 7.85 inches, there's no talk of a retina display on that just yet. 3G connectivity has also been rumoured, but the source adds that not every carrier that sells network compatible iPads right now will get the new 3G iPad Mini.

Furthermore, this tablet is rumoured to have a form factor similar to that of the svelte fourth-generation iPod touch. Finer details such as the processor, RAM, on board storage, screen resolution, camera and batter life are not known as of now. The iPad Mini is slated for an October release. The time frame coincides with the release of New iPhone, which too is rumoured to take place in October.

Apple is said to be releasing this device just to grab market share in the rapidly increasing mid-range tablet market. The price point of this tablet is expected to fall between $249 to $299. Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire could get a run for their money if Apple iPad Mini is unveiled later this year in October.

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