iPad Air 4 Benchmark Leak Reveals Apple’s Newest Tablet Has 4GB of RAM

iPad Air 4 Benchmark Leak Reveals Apple’s Newest Tablet Has 4GB RAM

Apple has made it a habit not to reveal the amount of memory present in its products and the iPad Air 4 is no exception. The exception here is that it’s the first tablet from the company in nine years to feature a new chipset before the iPhone family gets treated to it, which in this case, is the A14 Bionic. A fresh benchmark leak of the iPad Air 4 earlier revealed that it’s no slouch in the performance department, and possibly the only thing holding it back would be the lack of memory. Fortunately, for a capable iPad, Apple decided to give it a fair amount of treatment, for the price it’s charging.

New Leak Also Shows the A14 Bionic CPU Running at 3.00GHz

Though the Geekbench leak revealed that the A14 Bionic running in the iPad Air 4 will make very short work of the Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 865 Plus, and the Exynos 990, there are more details you should know. For instance, the iPad Air 4 features 4GB of RAM, though it’s unclear if Apple is using the LPDDR4x or LPDDR5 standard. Regardless, this much memory means that the iPad Air 4 sports the same amount as the 2018 iPad Pro (not the 1TB version), but not as much as the 6GB RAM found in the 2020 iPad Pro models.

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This also means that creative professionals will be able to utilize the memory for handling professional applications smoothly, though if you want the very best, we’ll still recommend that you pick up any 2020 iPad Pro model. That’s because Final Cut Pro X is rumored to arrive for the iPad during Summer 2021, but it’s been reported that the app will require a fair amount of memory. Though the iPad Air 4’s processing side of things should be able to tackle it, the lack of 6GB RAM might become a problem for those wanting to commit to intensive video editing.

Of course, this isn’t confirmed at the moment, so we’ll know how well the iPad Air 4 handles those resource-heavy apps when they first arrive. For the time being, Apple’s newest tablet looks thoroughly promising and it’s mostly because of the A14 Bionic. In addition, the GPU running in the SoC not only registers a 72 percent performance increase over the A13 Bionic, but it’s also faster than the A12Z Bionic’s GPU.

In short, the 4GB RAM paired with Apple’s newest 5nm chipset should allow the iPad Air 4 to steamroll through any app, no problem, and it only costs $599 for the base model.

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