Notification Center iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak – Customize and Add More Options

Rafia Shaikh

Apple brought some welcoming (or rather not?) changes to the iOS Notification Center with iOS 7 update. A few of the options and shortcuts were removed from the Notification center. Quick links to Twitter and Facebook were two of those shortcuts removed from the Notification Center. It gave the Notifications a rather apt look considering it should be having the notifications, and not quick links. However, if you wish to have them back, it is very much possible for the jailbroken ios 7 jailbreak tweaks

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iOS 7 Notification Center jailbreak tweak:

iOS 7 notification center jailbreak tweak

To get the convenience of quick links to Facebook and Twitter in Notification Center, you can install a new iOS 7 notification center jailbreak tweak. This iOS 7 jailbreak tweak is named "Share Widget for iOS 7".

Share Widget for iOS 7 adds shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook and some Chinese social networking sites to Notification Center's Today tab. Just like iOS 6, Share Widget iOS 7 jailbreak tweak will add links for Facebook and Twitter in the Notification Center. Simply tab on them to bring up the share screen for both social networking sites.

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Developed by Merlin Mao, you can get Share Widget for iOS 7 Notification Center jailbreak tweak for free on Cydia. Install the app and then simply enable the widget to help it work.

Once you have installed this iOS 7 jailbreak tweak, go to Settings Notification Center. Here under the Today View, enable the toggle on for Share Widget. iOS 7 notification center jailbreak tweak

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