iPhone Tips and Tricks: Tips to Speed up iOS 7 Powered Devices

Rafia Shaikh

According to a research report, iOS 7 adoption rate has been above 70% after its release only a few months back. While this rate shows the success of iOS 7 in terms of its offerings, new features and clean UI, there is little fun in upgrading your older devices to iOS 7.

Once done, you will experience a rather sluggish performance almost dragging your device's speed. It's true. The not-so-updated devices in terms of hardware are taking a toll at the hands of the very latest iOS 7. However, that doesn't mean you - and me - cannot enjoy the latest OS. With a few tweaks here and there, you can speed up iOS 7 powered devices in no time. It's just a matter of a few setting adjustments and your device will run a bit faster, a bit more efficiently helping you to not bang your head in the wall.speed up ios 7

While this doesn't mean we will get all the fun of iOS 7 at the best speed possible, but it will definitely improve device's responsiveness a tad bit.

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How to speed up iOS 7 powered older iDevices:

- Disable location services: While location services are needed when you are running maps or some other location-based service, they aren't actually required all the time. Rather than having your device constantly tracking your location, it is better to enable it whenever needed. Go to Settings Privacy Location Services to switch the toggle OFF or ON according to your requirement. Keep it disabled all the time and only enable them when needed. This not only improves the battery life but also speed up your iOS 7 experience, all the while keeping your privacy secure too.ios 7 tips and tricks

- Disable radio communications: When you update your OS, the Bluetooth always gets enabled. Always keep Bluetooth and WiFi services off as they keep draining your battery and device's responsiveness by updating the communication status and seeking devices.

- Disable Notification Center: Go to Settings Notification Center to adjust notifications settings. It is not needed to receive notifications for just every single app (on that note, why do Tom Cat and Temple Run send these many annoying notifications?). Add the apps in Do Not Include list for which you don't want to get notifications. Will both speed up iOS 7 devices' processing speed and also save battery life.speed up ios 7

- Kill the apps you aren't working on: This is a no brainer; on any gadget, the less apps / programs you run the better battery and speed you get. While I do not ask you to only keep one app open - why was multitasking introduced then? - but keeping 10s of apps open not only affects speed but sort of affects your multitasking too. Double-press the Home key to bring up the beautiful multitasking cards menu, and fling up the apps you want to kill.

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- Background refresh: Another way to speed up iOS 7 powered older devices is to disable the background refresh option. While this feature may be beneficial at times as it lets the apps refresh their content in background; it has its downsides on speed and battery. To speed up iOS 7, it's better to turn it off from Settings General Background App Refresh and toggle it off. You can also select to turn this feature on for any particular apps. This way you will have your required apps keep refreshing while still not slowing down your device too much.speed up ios 7

Another small tip is to delete the apps you don't need on your iPad or iPhone. Removing unnecessary data creates more free space and affects the over all processing speed. Focus especially on the games taking huge amounts of data like Infinity Blade and Simpson's Tapped Out.

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