iOS 12 Beta 12 Compared Against iOS 11.4.1 In New Speed Test Video

iOS 12 public beta

Apple has seen fit to release beta 12 of its upcoming iOS 12 operating system yesterday. While the company's big 'Gather round' event is scheduled to take place on September 12, we presume the final build of iOS 12 will be available to users on the 19th. iOS 12 beta 12 fixes a major issue in beta 11 that prompted users to update from iOS 12 beta. However, it's never to early to ask whether the new beta enhances performance as well. Well, a new speed test video has emerged that sheds light on the matter and how it compares to the current iOS 11.4.1.

iOS 12 Beta 12 Vs iOS 11.4.1 - Speed Test Shows Improved Performance On Older iPhone Models

iOS 12 beta 12 is probably the last beta that we will see before the final version arrives. So it would definitely be good to see how it stacks up against the current iOS 11.4.1. The previous beta versions showed improved performance on older iPhone models as well as new ones. Let's see what the new beta has to offer on different iPhone models.

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iOS 12 does offer enhanced performance on older iPhone models. The operating system is capable of squeezing out improved performance from older hardware, which is definitely good to see as many people would still be resistant to upgrading their iPhones.

Generally, you can see how the beta 12 boots up faster on all iPhone models. In addition to this, it also feels much smoother and fluid on the older iPhone models. App launch time has marginally better as well. Overall, you can simply sense in the speed test how iOS 12 enhances the user experience with shifts in transitions and keeping a standard pace of frames.

iOS 12 will derive better performance from the older iPhone models like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, which still packs a pretty powerful processor. You can see the speed test comparison video shared above for more details on the matter.

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There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details. Moreover, we will be covering Apple's September 12 in extensive detail, so be advised to stick around for more. This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new iOS 12 beta 12 speed test comparison against iOS 11.4.1? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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