How to Delete VPN Profiles from Mac Running macOS Catalina


Here's how you can find and delete VPN profiles installed on your iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and more running macOS Catalina update.

Learn to Remove / Delete VPN Profiles from Your Mac in Network Settings, Here's How

We tend to gather a lot of 'software junk' as we keep on using our computers for extended periods of time - in this case, a Mac. For instance, you bought a VPN service for your Mac in order to perform a particular task only to realize that you've cancelled the subscription and don't need it anymore. While you have cancelled the subscription, the VPN profile is still installed on your Mac. In fact, if you tried out multiple VPNs, then multiple profiles are installed already. It's a good idea to get rid of them, and in today's tutorial we will show you how to delete VPN profiles from your Mac running the latest macOS Catalina update.

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Note: These steps apply to previous version of macOS too. But the steps might be different if you are using something extremely old.

Delete VPN Profiles from Mac

Step 1. Launch System Preference from the Dock, Launchpad or Spotlight.

Step 2. Click on Network.

Step 3. On the left hand side, you'll see all your profiles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thunderbolt and VPN. Just single click on the VPN profile you wish to delete in order to highlight it.

Step 4. Now click on the "-" icon to delete VPN profile. Do this to delete VPN profiles which you don't need.

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Delete VPN profiles on a Mac from Network preferences

Step 5. Close Network preferences and then click on Apply when prompted to save changes.

I highly recommend that you go through your network settings right now in order to make sure that you don't have any shady looking VPN profile installed. There has been instances where VPN services have been known to pick up private user data and sell it to third-parties. That's a bullet in privacy and something which you don't want lurking around. So please, delete VPN profiles which you believe should not be there in the first place for the ultimate peace of mind.

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