M2 iPad Pro Could Be Able to Run a ‘Simplified Version’ of macOS, as Apple Possibly Testing New Software

Omar Sohail
M2 iPad Pro Could Be Able to Run a ‘Simplified Version’ of macOS, as Apple Possibly Testing New Software

Apple’s newly announced iPad Pro models feature the new M2 chipset, making the sleek tablets just as fast or faster than the most capable and portable notebooks around. Since the same custom silicon is found in the new MacBook Pro and redesigned MacBook Air, that should theoretically mean that the 11-inch and 12.9-inch slates can run macOS or at least a modified version of it. Apparently, Apple is said to start testing just that, according to one tipster.

Modified Version of macOS Could Be Adjusted to Fit the New iPad Pro’s Display Size, With Slight Changes in the UI, and App Icons Size

The next version of macOS is rumored to be codenamed ‘Mendocino,’ with Majin Bu claiming that a simplified version ‘should be planned’ for the M2 iPad Pro models. What is strange about this rumor is that nowhere does the tipster mention that this version of macOS will be available for the M1 iPad Pro models too. The M1 is the same chip used in the 2020 lineup of portable Macs. The custom silicon then made its way to the iMac a year later, and with all of these machines running macOS, it makes complete sense to bring a simplified version to older models.

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It is possible Apple does not want this macOS version to work with M1 iPad Pro models because it wants more sales coming from the newer models, which, from a business perspective, is fine, but certain customers will feel left out. As for what could change in this modified macOS version, the tipster states that a 25 percent increase in the macOS UI could be expected, likely to accommodate the touch interface of the M2 iPad Pro models. However, the apps running on these iPad Pro models would be downloaded and installed from the iPadOS App Store rather than the Mac one.

On the Twitter thread, the tipster also says that there is a reason why DaVinci Resolve is exclusively arriving for the M2 iPad Pro models, and it might be due to a simplified version of macOS expected to be tested in the future. This possible UI change will certainly not replace macOS or any existing or future Mac models but should allow M2 iPad Pro owners to start taking proper advantage of all that processing power underneath the hood.

Then again, Apple could abandon work on its modified version of macOS altogether, so we should treat it with a pinch of salt for now and await more updates.

News Source: Majin Bu

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