How to Adjust iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Backlit Brightness

Uzair Ghani
Adjust iPad Pro Magic Keyboard backlit brightness

Want to adjust the Magic Keyboard backlit key brightness on the iPad Pro? Here's how you do it in a few simple steps from iPadOS.

Keys too Dark or Bright? We Will Show You How to Adjust the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Backlit Brightness

Announced alongside the new iPad Pro, the Magic Keyboard takes Apple's tablet way further in terms of functionality. There's a lot to like here - a scissor switch keyboard, a passthrough USB-C port for charging, adjustable angles for the iPad Pro for perfect viewing and more. But in typical Apple fashion, some things are missing. For example, while the keyboard does feature backlit keys, there is no key on the keyboard itself in order to adjust the brightness of the keys. Apple believes the ambient light sensor is good enough and should handle everything for you.

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What if you do want to adjust the Magic Keyboard's backlit key brightness? You can do it from a setting deep inside iPadOS. It takes some legwork to get there, but hey, at least the feature is not entirely absent.

Adjust iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Backlit Brightness

Step 1. With your Magic Keyboard connected, launch the Settings app.

Step 2. Now select General.

Select General option from Settings

Step 3. Find Keyboard and tap on it then select Hardware Keyboard.

Tap on Hardware Keyboard from the list of options

Step 4. Drag the Keyboard Brightness slider towards the left or right in order to lower or raise brightness of the keys, respectively.

Move Keyboard Brightness toggle switch to adjust key brightness

Again, this is not exactly an ideal way to adjust the brightness of the keys. If only Apple added the ability to adjust the brightness of the keys straight from the keyboard itself. Thankfully, the feature is not entirely absent, like I said above.

The Magic Keyboard is a great little accessory for those who use the iPad Pro as their main 'computer.' Sure, there are compromises in certain corners. For instance, the Magic Keyboard with the iPad Pro attached is actually heavier than a MacBook Air and only slightly lighter than a MacBook Pro. That somewhat slays the vibe of offering a super portable experience. But again, if you want to use the iPad Pro as your main and only computer, then the Magic Keyboard might actually prove to be a good purchase for you. And starting at $299 for the 11-inch model and going up to $349 for the 12.9-inch one, this keyboard isn't exactly cheap either. Needless to say that this is a long-term investment until or unless you have a ton of cash to burn.

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