Best HDMI Dongles With YouTube and Netflix for Your Old TV [List]

Best smart HDMI dongles and sticks for your old TV

Here is a list of the best and low priced HDMI dongles for your old TV that feature YouTube, Netflix and other smart features.

Upgrade Your Old 1080p TV with a Smart HDMI Dongle / Stick Featuring YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and More Without Breaking the Bank

TVs these days have a surprisingly long life. But if you did manage to max it out and are thinking of upgrading to something modern that is packed with loads of smart features then you might want to dial things down a little and look for alternatives.

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Instead of going for an expensive new TV, why not just invest in an HDMI dongle that costs fraction of the price and adds everything you need in the first place? In this list, we will highlight the best HDMI dongles that feature YouTube, Netflix and other great features, that too without going over-budget.

Note: We are not going to include 4K or HDR options in this list. We are assuming that you will be using these HDMI dongles with an older model TV with a maximum resolution of 1080p.

Fire TV Stick Lite

Right off the bat, this little dongle features Alexa which means that it will be able to control compatible hardware with the power of your voice. You can even ask Alexa to search for movies and TV shows if you are subscribed to Amazon's own services. Priced at just $29.99 and featuring countless apps and services, you can buy this dongle without even looking at the other option available.

Buy Fire TV Stick Lite - $29.99

Google Chromecast (3rd-Generation)

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If you happen to be tied in the Google ecosystem then this is the HDMI dongle you should buy. Not only you can stream stuff from your phone directly to the big screen, but others can join into the party as well. With a nice little tie-in to Google Assistant, you can get creative with it, too.

Buy Google Chromecast (3rd-Generation) - $29.99

Roku Express

You need something that's simple to use, features a remote, no voice assistant, just plain old TV stuff with a little bit of smarts. The product you need is the Roku Express. Just plug it in and you will have access to hundreds of services out of the box including Apple TV+.

Buy Roku Express - $29.99

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The best thing about this particular stick is that it features Android TV (version 9.0). It has a wonderful UI for navigation, offers tons of apps and services, and it ties in wonderfully with the Google ecosystem thanks to that dedicated Assistant button on the remote. If you are all about Android on the big screen, then this is what you should get.

Buy Xiaomi Mi TV Stick - $41.32

And that concludes our list. You might be wondering why do we have so less options here - well, to be honest, these are the best ones that are actually worth the time and money.

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