Buy: Screen Protectors for New 2022 iPhone SE [List]


Here is a list of the screen protectors you can buy for your brand new iPhone SE 2022 smartphones. There are tempered glass options here, too.

Tempered Glass, Privacy, Matte and Film - These are the Best Screen Protectors for 2022 iPhone SE You Can Buy Right Now

If you're planning on buying an iPhone SE 2022, then you definitely need a screen protector for it, no matter how good the front glass is. Not only you will save your smartphone from scratches, but you'll be adding extra years to your smartphone and retain resale value as well.

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In today's list, we will highlight the best screen protector options available right now for the iPhone SE 2022. Of course, this list includes tempered glass screen protectors, ensuring maximum protection and utmost levels of clarity while you are using your smartphone.

Let's jump right in!

Spigen [GlasTR AlignMaster] 2-Pack

Coming in a pack of two, this screen protector is made from tempered glass and will withstand keys and regular everyday dents without any issues. And since it comes with an alignment frame, getting started is super easy.

Buy Spigen [GlasTR AlignMaster] 2-Pack - $13.99

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ESR Tempered Glass 2-Pack

This ESR option comes in a pack of two and also features an alignment frame for easy application. This protector is tempered glass and will withstand up to 11 pounds of force before it shows any sign of wear and tear.

Buy ESR Tempered Glass 2-Pack - $12.99

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+

When it comes to sheer quality alone, it's tough to beat screen protectors from ZAGG. Sure, it might have a higher price, but it's there for a reason. This protector is smudge resistant and features Ion Matrix Technology that toughens the glass at a molecular level.

Buy ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ - $24.95

Ailun Tempered Glass 3-Pack

For $7.99 you get a pack of three tempered glass screen protectors which is not a bad deal at all. And since Ailun has been making protectors for quite a while now, you can rest assured that it will offer protection which you've come to expect from a top-end brand.

Buy Ailun Tempered Glass 3-Pack - $7.99

Dome Glass By Whitestone

If you ever wondered what a screen protector would look like if was applied by Apple itself, then the Dome Glass option is what you should be looking at. With a unique style of application that involves UV lights, it leaves you with an application so good and protection so superior that you'd come back to it every single time.

Buy Dome Glass By Whitestone - $29.99

Ailun Privacy Glass Protector

Backed by years of screen protector making experience, this option from Ailun offers privacy as well. Once applied, the person sitting next to you will believe you're operating a phone with the screen turned off. Yes, it's actually that good when it comes to privacy!

Buy Ailun Privacy Glass Protector - $7.89

Benks Privacy Screen Protector

Looking for another privacy glass option? Here's one from Benks. This one offers absolutely full coverage when it comes to protection. It's likely applying another layer of your smartphone front panel on top of the existing one.

Buy Benks Privacy Screen Protector - $10.99

iCarez Matte Screen Protector

Love the look and feel of a matte screen? iCarez has your back with its matte screen protector. It comes in a pack of three which gives you plenty of room for starting over in case you mess it up the first time. And thanks to its anti-glare properties, your phone's screen will be soothing to your eyes, especially outdoors.

Buy iCarez Matte Screen Protector - $7.95

Mothca Matte Screen Protector

In case you aren't content with one matte screen protector option, here's a second one, that too from Mothca. With 4.3 stars out of 5, it goes on to show how good this is amongst those who bought it.

Buy Mothca Matte Screen Protector - $8.99

amFilm Screen Protector

If, for some reason, you think you need a film-style screen protector, then this option from amFilm is the way to go. It comes in a pack of three in case you damage one. It also offers HD clarity and great touch response.

Buy amFilm Screen Protector - $6.99

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