Access Website Camera, Microphone, Location Permissions in Safari for iOS 13, iPadOS

Here's how you can access and customize website camera, microphone, location permissions in Safari for iOS 13 or iPadOS.

Don't Want Google Accessing Your Location in Safari Ever? You Can Customize Your Privacy Even Further in Safari

By default, whenever you visit a website that requires you to share your location data, allow camera or microphone access, iOS 13 and iPadOS will ask you politely in a pop-up first. This can actually be quite frustrating as you'll be asked to do so every single time. You might want to share your location, camera or microphone access, or you might not at all. Thankfully, there is a setting right inside Safari in iOS 13 and iPadOS that allows you to customize completely what happens whenever you visit a specific site. This means you can enable the location, camera or microphone access or completely or disable it altogether, and iOS won't even bother you for it given what preferences you have set. We'll show you how it works.

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Step 1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Open up any website. For the sake of this tutorial I'll use

Step 3. Once the site has loaded up, tap on the 'aA' button in the address bar. Here you will see a bunch of settings, including the option to adjust the size of the website being viewed, the request desktop site option and more.

Step 4. Ignore everything else, and tap on Website Settings.

Safari Website Settings menu

Step 5. Under the 'Allow [website name] to Access' section you'll see options for: Camera, Microphone, Location. Tap on each option and you'll see Ask, Deny and Allow.

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Step 6. Select the one which suits your needs. If it's a website you rely on for use every single day, then you may select the Allow option and just bypass the pop-up notification every time. If it's a site that you believe might be shady in nature then Deny is the way to go. Leave it at Ask if you are unsure.

Select Ask, Allow or Deny for Website Settings in Safari

And that's it, you now have complete control over how the permissions for certain websites work in Safari.

It's frustrating at times that you keep on running into a pop-up that requires you to give access to something. If it's a website you fully trust, just go full ballistic and allow the access forever. But remember, keep good tabs on the sites you are going to authorize for full permission without your approval.

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