How to Use Apple Watch Noise App and Set up Notifications

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Apple Watch Noise app, how to set up and use

We will show you how to use the new Apple Watch Noise app in watchOS 6 and set up notifications for it throughout the day.

Save Your Ears and Learn to Use the Apple Watch Noise App in watchOS 6

We tend to ignore a lot of things that may end up damaging certain aspects of our lives. Hearing is one certain aspect and exposure to high levels of noise can actually cause temporary or even permanent damage to our listening abilities. Apple knows this very well and has brought a new feature to Apple Watch in the form of a brand new Noise app. As the name implies, it uses the built-in microphone to assess the noise levels around you and will send you a notification if those levels are potentially harmful for your listening and whether or not the damage could be permanent or temporary. It's immensely useful and I would recommend setting up the Apple Watch Noise app right now.

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Before you go ahead, please note that the Apple Watch Noise app is a feature exclusive to watchOS 6 only. You must update to the latest version in order to make use of this feature. watchOS 6 is not available for the first-generation, Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watch users.

Furthermore, your iPhone must be running the latest version of iOS 13 as well.

Set up Apple Watch Noise app (Using iPhone)

Step 1. Launch the Watch app.

Step 2. Tap on Noise.

Step 3. Turn on the Environment Noise Measurements toggle switch.

Step 4. Now tap on Noise Threshold.

Step 5. Here you can select different values based on when you should receive a notification. If you truly care about your hearing, then set it to 80 decibels. But if you know that you are going to be working in a noisy environment anyway then you might want to set it up closer to 100.

Apple Watch Noise app setup on iPhone

Use Apple Watch Noise app (Using Apple Watch)

Step 1. Press the Digital Crown to go to your Apple Watch home screen.

Step 2. Select Settings.

Step 3. Scroll down and tap on Noise.

Step 4. You'll now see a real-time indication of the noise levels around you. In order to see it go up and down, scream at your Apple Watch if you want. If the noise levels are persistent for 3 minutes, then the Apple Watch will send you a notification about it. That's the time you walk out of the room and find a peaceful place.

Apple Watch Noise app usage

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