Gorgeous Depths of Skyrim Mod Overhauls the Underwater Environment and Adds Content to The Sea of Ghosts

depths of skyrim mod

Earlier today we already covered the Fallout 4 Battle Mod, and now we have another interesting mod that we wanted to share – the Depths of Skyrim Mod.

Created by modder ‘TheBlackPixel’, this PC mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim aims to aims to overhaul the flora, fauna and visuals under water. “I always found Skyrim’s underwater environments to be rather monotone and empty, so here is my attempt at solving that issue”, the mod’s creator writes.

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The Depths of Skyrim mod adds new grass types, coral and giant kelp alongside coral forests and numerous unmarked treasures. In addition, it adds more than 1000 fish all over sea and groups of swimming horkers.

Alongside new content, this mod also fixes seams in the ocean floor and over 100 instances of exposed rocks.

Depths of Skyrim Mod Features:

  • Adds new grass types, coral and giant kelp all across the Sea of Ghosts.
  • Adds 1000+ fish all over the sea (no slaughterfish).
  • Adds Several dozen unmarked treasures and points of interest for you to find.
  • Adds coral forests teeming with life.
  • Adds groups of horkers swimming across the sea.
  • Fixes 100+ instances of exposed rocks
  • Fixes seams in the ocean floor

We’ve included some screenshots from this gorgeous mod down below:


Those interested can download the Depths of Skyrim mod through Nexusmods. Please be sure to read the installation notes first.

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