Google Duo Vidoe Call Limit Increased to 12 As More People Use Video Conferencing Services


Now that everyone is at home (and probably will be) for extended periods of time, there's an incredible demand for video streaming services such as Zoom Cloud, Google Duo, Skype, and more. It is, after all, the next best thing to talking to someone in real life. An unexpected winner of this whole situation is Snap Inc's Snap Camera. The application saw a nearly 10x increase in the number of downloads, mainly because it lets you spice up your video calls with Snapchat AR filters and whatnot. Given that just about everyone is going to video calls for a long time, Google Duo just increased the maximum number of users that can participate in a conference call from eight to twelve.

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The announcement comes via Google Duo's Sr. Director of Product & Design. Until now, Google Duo has its number of participants capped at eight. It is presumably to compete with the likes of Zoom Cloud; a video conference app that allows way more participants in a call.

Google Duo users should already see the change in effect. It remains unclear if this is only a temporary or a permanent change. Chances are, it'll be here for good. It would make little sense for Google to reduce the number to eight once everything is back to normal.

Google's decision to increase the number of allowed participants in Google Duo is quite unique, considering that just about everyone else is doing the diametric opposite. Streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Disney Plus have downgraded their video resolutions in a bid to reduce the load on internet infrastructure.