Snap Camera Sees a Surge in Downloads as More People Rely on Video Calls for Communication


The recent COVID-19 epidemic is forcing a lot of people to stay indoors. There is no word as to when the quarantine will end. As a result, solutions that enhance your work from home experience is all the rage right now. Applications like Microsoft Teams and Slack have seen an uptick in its number of users. An unlikely contender that also gained popularity amid this crisis is Snap Inc's Snap Camera app.

Snap Camera has seen a 10-fold increase in downloads since the beginning of the month. The application lets you use Snapchat-esuqe filters on your face. You can broadcast that image via video call to platforms such as Google Duo, Skype, and other video conferencing services. You can even stream on Twitch and YouTube with an overlay. Snap Camera also comes with several game-themed overlays such as the helmet from Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Hanzo from Overwatch and others.

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To get started, all you need is a webcam and the Snap Camera app, that you can grab from here. Snap Camera creates a virtual webcam on your computer. When Snap Camera is open, it takes the input of a physical webcam and then augments it with the selected Lens. This augmented video is then output to the Snap Camera virtual webcam. You can then use the Snap Camera as an input source. Viewers can copy a Lens scanning a Snapcode that can be broadcast while streaming. You can find out more about Snap Camera and its features here.

Snap Camera doesn't really offer anything but a little comic relief to an otherwise grim situation. The application is on its way to becoming one of Snap Inc's more successful endeavors. Who knew that funny faces and dog filters would be everyone's goto in a crisis like this one?