Google Duo Lets You Send Self-Destructing Photos

Google Duo

Google Duo has been at the receiving end of a constant stream of new features and QoL upgrades. Today, Google's video calling app lets users send self-destructing photos to contacts. The feature is rather useful for sharing 'sensitive' images and is missing from a lot of popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger. Telegram has offered the feature for a while and it's good to see other apps catching on.

The implementation of the features, however, leaves a lot to be desired. For starters, one needs to initiate the sharing from another app such as Google Photos or your device's gallery app. To share a photo via Duo, locate the photo you'd like to send and browse the share menu for the Duo icon.

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Once you select Duo, you'll be taken to an edit screen which offers the usual spread of editing features such as a cropping tool, pencil and the likes. Once you've shared the photo, it shows up as a square thumbnail with the time sent and a message that it will expire in 24 hours. You can open the image on your end to see it again, save it locally on your device or delete it. You can't send multiple images just yet and have to send them one by one.

On the recipient's end, they'll get a notification stating that you shared a photo with them and will see the same thumbnail and expiry date as you. They can also tap to expand the image, then either reply immediately with a video message or call you. Weirdly, recipients can't reply with an image of their own, only videos or calls. Things are far from perfect and hopefully, Google irons out the kinks with subsequent updated. If you want to try this out, make sure you're on the latest Duo version 56. You should receive an OTA update for the app shortly.

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