Flexible Screen and Premium Metal Body – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Ready for IFA

Rafia Shaikh

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 latest:

Previous few months have largely focused on Samsung's entry into better (read: metal) designing for its devices starting with a new and premium smartphone tagged Samsung Galaxy F aka Alpha. While this device is under the wraps, recent reports suggest that the metallic design is highly expected for the Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 expected for a launch this September. Korean media is speculating that Samsung is making two variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 available this year, one with a premium metallic finish while the other will retain the Note 3-ish plastic looks.

Of course, the premium version will come at a higher price tag which is why the availability of choice. What is even more exciting than the metal in this new bit is the introduction of a flexible screen. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to sport a 5.7-inch flexible screen, indication of which is based on the report that Samsung has increased its production of flexible panels by a huge 50% just before the production of Galaxy Note 4.

While the last bit was already speculated for both the Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy F (if any), this report also reiterates it. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will receive an improved, 16 megapixel shooter with optical image stabilization module.

Nothing in this report glances on the highly awaited bits on the design texture of Galaxy Note 4 which is expected to be Samsung Galaxy S5-like but so far hasn't received any backing to help. Earlier reports also indicated Galaxy Note 4 getting a Retina Eye scanner and a completely new form factor, latter of which looks quite possible with today's reports.

Here's the beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 4 flexible screen video showcased at CES last year:


Source: ET News

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