Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Keep 12 MP Camera but Supported with an OIS Module

Rafia Shaikh

Thanks to Korean news sites and their insider sources, we have been getting a plenty of information about the upcoming Note from Samsung. Following previously leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs, we are seeing some editions in the earlier list. Seems like, the Galaxy Note 4 will not be carrying a 16 MP camera as earlier expected; however, Samsung is going to make up for that!galaxy note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera details surface:

The recent reports coming from Korea suggest that Samsung will be using a 12 MP camera rather than the previously rumored 16 MP camera unit. Samsung, however, is also going to integrate an OIS module for better image stabilization and mobile photography. Galaxy Note 4 will have a 3.7 MP front shooter.

The site also claims that this decision of not increasing the megapixels has been made to keep the Note as thinner as possible. Samsung is planning to make its phablet thinner and more beautiful than before as it is set to have a strong competitor in the shape of iPhone 6 5.5-inch model - if the latter device indeed gets a launch this year. OIS module, according to the source, will take up less space and would improve photography too.

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While this does seem like quite a far-fetched rumor considering Samsung has always tried to increase the megapixels of its flagship phones. However, things could possibly change this year with an anticipation of fierce competition. Korean tech giant has already impressed with Galaxy S5's 16 megapixel shooter with its increased dependence on software optimization. Samsung could very well use the similar techniques to improve the Galaxy Note 4 photography results.

Considering it is quite a time till Galaxy Note 4 goes in to production, we are taking all such rumors with a little salt as Samsung could be changing the hardware decisions in the upcoming weeks. However, these Korean claims and leaks do reflect the thought process that goes behind a product and often times proves to be true in the final product too.

Source: ETnews

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