Visible Gap Between Display and Metal Frame Reported in Galaxy Note 4

Rafia Shaikh

Did you think Apple was hogging all of the interwebs with its iPhone 6 #BendGate fiasco? Well, Samsung is not much far behind and is very much trying to catch up. Samsung decided to start Galaxy Note 4 sales earlier than first planned due to the competition posed by 5.5-inch iPhone 6. The latter has remained plagued with the bending issue which is apparently seeming no end. While some thought that Apple's attempt to coax customers by having journalists post videos about testing processes will help, it hasn't. More and more iPhone 6 bending issues are being reported everyday, with a recent case where teens went to an Apple store, bent the iPhone 6 and posted the video up online. Bad month for Cupertino, no doubt about it.galaxy note 4 build fault

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 build defect:

However, it is Samsung that might get an equal share of bad attention comes next month. Earlier reports from South Korea suggest that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not free of the manufacturing defects. At least two Galaxy Note 4 images shared from Korea have visible gap between the 5.7-inch QHD display panel of the phablet and its metal frame. This space is wide enough to fit two A4 paper sheets or a business card. These reports have come from South Korea and no official comment has been made on the issue as yet. It is still uncertain exactly how many of the first builds of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices carry this major manufacturing defect.galaxy note 4 gap

Manufacturing faults do happen and could happen with any OEM. However, looking at the bending and spacing issues, it looks like manufacturers seriously need some time out to rethink their testing processes. These images could very well be a hoax which means we will have to wait just a couple more days to see if any more such cases happen. Samsung will not have the option to remain silent too once the Galaxy Note 4 manufacturing defect proves to be genuine and found on multiple devices.

Source: ITToday

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