Wccftech Giveaway – The Choose Your Own Android Phablet Giveaway

You're sitting inside enjoying the quiet hum of the AC as it pours out heavenly glacial gusts of air upon you. It feels great, you're eyes are closed, relaxing. The phone rings, but you're too tired to fully open your relaxed eyes. It's far too nice inside. And hot outside. You squint at the screen, trying to make out what it says (not because you're old, either), then it hits you. The screen is far too small. You need a phablet.

Phablet Giveaway

Wccftech Android Phablet Giveaway

You need a phablet, and quick. Why not enter our contest to win an Android phablet of your own choosing? It's the easiest way to upgrade that tiny screen to something that's supremely usable and renders your every day tasks in incredible clarity.

Phablets are all the rage, and despite seeming like huge wastes of screen, they can be an incredible useful middle-ground. My fingers seem to have trouble with smaller keyboards, and I love being able to see more, but have it still be possible to pocket it if necessary.

One lucky winner will get to choose between the following five fantastic larger than life handhelds:

  1. Google Nexus 6
  2. LG G4
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  4. OnePlus Two
  5. LG G Flex 2

And it's incredibly simple to enter this contest too:


ONE Step to Win:

  • Submit your email address and click ENTER NOW (Make sure it’s valid as this is where we’ll contact the winner)

Increase Your Odds with More Entries!

  • After entering your email address above, share on Twitter for additional entries. The more your friends and followers enter, the more entries you receive. Good Luck!

Giveaway Details:

  • Be sure to register with a valid email address so we can contact you if you win
  • Limit one registration per person – registering more than one email address will result in disqualification from this giveaway

Winner Verification:

  • Upon selecting a winner, we will immediately verify that they are indeed a valid person, and that they followed all of our giveaway rules. Any attempt to artificially skew the selection process will result ininstant disqualification from the sweepstakes.

Official Giveaway End Date: 11:59pm (PDT) on 7/22/15

The StackCommerce Sweepstakes is open to all humans with 21 cycles around the Sun (worldwide) or more at time of entry.



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