FSR Will Be Available in All Versions of Edge of Eternity, It’s a Must for Consoles, Says Dev


FSR, AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution spatial upscaling technique, launched a couple of weeks ago on PC. Shortly after that, Microsoft announced the integration of FSR into its Game Development Kit for Xbox, opening up the possibility to integrate it into console games.

Exor Studios, the developers of The Riftbreaker (one of the first games to support FidelityFX Super Resolution on PC) confirmed they were already using it on the Xbox Series platforms but wouldn't confirm it for the game's PlayStation version.

AMD Software May Update Improves RSR, Boosts DirectX 11 Games [Update: Full Version Out]

Can FSR work on PlayStation, then? Midgar Studio CEO and Lead Programmer Jérémy Zeler-Maury, who successfully implemented both FSR and DLSS in Edge of Eternity, answered that question for us as part of a larger interview that will be published later today. In short, the French studio is using it in all versions of Edge of Eternity, including PlayStation, and Zeler-Maury believes it to be a must for consoles.

A few years ago, during our first chat, you told me that the Xbox One version was running Edge of Eternity at just 720p and that you were worried about the performance of this system. Were there any changes since then? FSR has recently been confirmed to be working on Xbox One, too, so I'm wondering if you are looking into implementing this for the console versions to help with performance.

We use FSR on every console version now to be able to improve the shading/assets density/resolution thanks to being able to run internally at a lower resolution. I think FSR for consoles is really a must.

Does that mean FSR will be available in the same implementation on PS4 and PS5, too?

Yes. On consoles, we won't expose directly the settings as we do on PC, however. It will probably be hidden behind quality/performance toggles.

Check back later today for our full interview with Jérémy Zeler-Maury.