Take a Look at the Final Art of the Upcoming System Shock Remake


The System Shock remake is now progressing at a seemingly healthy pace after the game was temporarily put on hiatus as the developers had strayed too far from the original vision. Last year, Night Dive Studios estimated that the crowdfunded game (21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 in July 2016 for the System Shock remake to happen) could launch in Q1 2020.

Meanwhile, the developers have been providing regular updates to backers. The latest one includes a brief video that showcases the game's final art and so far, it definitely looks good. Nightdive said a combat video will be next.

Report: System Shock Remake is Complete; Nightdive Focus is Currently on Console Ports

The update also features other glimpses at the station's environments, now rendered with Unreal Engine 4.

Tom has been working on rest/lounge areas for Citadel employees. These areas were designed to provide a brief respite from the oppressive cold and brutalist working conditions within the station.

Here’s an example of how we’ll be able to palette swap chunks of the environment so they match their respective level.

Tom is also working on a vegetation system that will allow us to create some really wonderful overgrowth in areas like the Groves.

Justin has been working on creating windows that are similar to the props used in the original Unity demo. We loved the idea of being able to see Saturn from within the station and will be opening up some of the original levels to create some stunning vistas.

Some of the exterior bits of the station will be visible.

Jonathan has been creating a massive tileset for the reactor areas. For those who have played the original, they should be instantly recognizable. The red glowing channels will light up in patterns creating a very eerie atmosphere!

System Shock fans have the upcoming brand new third installment to look forward as well, though it may be a bit hard to get excited about it after Otherside Entertainment released Underworld Ascendant a few months ago.