System Shock 3 Officially Confirmed


System Shock 3 has been officially confirmed, following teases for the title last week.

The sequel to System Shock 2 will be developed by Otherside Entertainment, but the website for System Shock 3 also mentions Night Dive Studios. Night Dive recently acquired the full rights to the System Shock franchise, and is currently working on a full remake to the original System Shock.

In a recent interview with Fastcompany, Night Dive pointed out that they are working with the System Shock’s original concept artist, to reimagine the original 1990’s designs.

“Seeing the difference between his artistic abilities back then compared to now, and his ability to reinterpret those ideas, it’s just been really exciting for us,” Kick says. According to Kick, part of the plan is to release a console version as well, and this would be a first for the studio. Kick even teased a possible System Shock 3, but the developer would need a bigger publisher to accomplish this.

System Shock 3 revealed with SHODAN

System Shock 3 was teased a week ago, when Otherside Entertainment put up a teaser countdown for the game. The follow-up on that tease was quickly discovered to be System Shock 3. The website now shows the game’s full title, and an artistic render of the System Shock series' antagonistic artificial intelligence, SHODAN. On Twitter, developer Otherside confirmed the game as well.

Also featured on the website is an audiostream. When played, visitors will hear the following sentence: "Did you think I’d forgotten you, insect?"

As noted last week, there’s also a subscription link available, which leads to a survey page asking for your preferred platform and interest in VR.

Please answer a few quick questions to help us better understand what our fans are seeking. As a token of our appreciation, sixteen respondents --- one for every year since System Shock 2 was released --- will be chosen at random to win a limited edition SHODAN print by series concept artist Robb Waters.

We’ll update when we learn more on System Shock 3.