Facebook Messenger Free Calling Via VoIP Being Rolled Out In US Today


A couple of weeks back we reported that Facebook was rolling out a free calling feature for its standalone Messenger app. Today the Facebook Messenger free calling feature is being rolled out gradually across the US. At the time when we first reported about this the feature was only limited to users in Canada. Facebook will offer it in more locations as soon as its certain that the servers can handle the increasing load.

facebook messenger free calling

You don't need to install an app update in order to get the Facebook Messenger free calling feature, which basically is VoIP. The feature will automatically be enabled on the Messenger app. The social behemoth has quietly started rolling out this feature in the US, after first testing it out in Canada. If you're in the US right now, you can call your Facebook friends for free using this new feature either over Wi-Fi or the data connection on your iPhone.

Whenever you make use of the Facebook Messenger free calling service and actually call any of your Facebook friends, a push notification will be shown to them informing that [your name] is calling. Initial testing has revealed that the voice quality matches that of popular alternatives such as Viber and Skype. Both of them may have been around for a long time but none of them have over a billion users to actively market their services to.

This is indeed a new step for Facebook. There was speculation that the company would also integrate video calling in the Messenger app, though that hasn't been done up till now. Obviously there exists a possibility that it might happen soon, seeing how Facebook has already made its entry in the VoIP arena.

It is actually very easy to use Facebook Messenger free calling service. Launch the Messenger app on your device and open a conversation with any of your Facebook contact. There an "i" button in the top right corner, tap that. If you see a Free Call button, rest assured the feature has been activated for you. You can now proceed to make free calls to your Facebook friends. If you don't already have the Facebook Messenger app on your device, you can download it from here.