New Viber For iOS Available Now With Redesigned User Interface And More


Cross platform communication is a major need these days. Manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung develop amazing smartphones which work beautifully among themselves, but not with each other. The need for bridging this gap between these devices is then filled by third party applications. Viber is one of them, with over 90 million users this app serves as an excellent cross platform communication system. The new version of Viber for iOS is available now. It comes with a brand new UI as well as a new voice engine.


In a short span of just one year, Viber has established itself as one of the best VoIP services out there. Today's update is a major one. It not only brings significant user interface improvements but also features a new voice engine. This new voice engine provides improved voice quality. The new update has been meticulously designed and all new features work as advertised.

There are a number of reasons why people choose Viber over other services such as Skype. There is no need to create an account with Viber. Moreover it allows users to make voice calls over cellular network or WiFi, send photos and videos as well as exchange instant messages without incurring any carrier costs.

The new Viber for iOS comes with group messaging, ability to add custom backgrounds to conversations, profile photos and time stamps for each sent and received message. The new voice engine has already been discussed above. Users will also be able to view which of their contacts have joined Viber recently.

Viber is available as a free download for any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is capable of running iOS 3.1 firmware or higher. The app weighs in at 10 megabytes. If you haven't already, I suggest that you head on over to the iTunes App Store right now and download the new Viber for iOS.