Exynos Chipsets Are Reportedly Seeing Better Results After Samsung Stop Developing Custom Cores for Them

Exynos Chipsets Are Reportedly Seeing Better Results After Samsung Stop Developing Custom Cores for Them

The Exynos 990 received a ton of flak for being unable to compete against the Snapdragon 865 in terms of both performance and efficiency. The disparity was so great that Samsung had to abandon development of its custom Mongoose cores but shutting down its facility in Austin, Texas, but that doesn’t mean the Korean giant was ready to throw in the towel just yet. The Exynos 1000’s rumored development on the 5nm architecture could mean that Samsung is moving in the right direction, and now one tipster believes that dropping the use of custom cores is actually showing positive results.

New Rumor Doesn’t Specifically Highlight the Rumored Exynos 2100, but Does State That Progress Is Taking Place

Though Ice Universe doesn’t specifically talk about the Exynos 2100 that’s expected to be found in the upcoming Galaxy S21 family, he does state that the low, mid-range, and high-end product lineups are doing well, meaning more competition for the likes of Qualcomm. This would also imply that all Exynos chipsets that Samsung is working on, whether it’s the flagship Exynos 2100, or the SoC found in affordable handsets, are showing some level of improvement ever since the company stopped using its custom cores in them.

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Also, some of our readers may have spotted the alleged benchmark scores of the Galaxy S21 Plus fueled by an Exynos 2100, and yes, the results might be disappointing but do keep in mind that it could be due to the lack of optimization and nothing more. More refined results could be seen in the future when the Galaxy S21 range is available for customers. However, does this progress mean the Exynos 2100 may finally best the Snapdragon 875, which is Qualcomm’s upcoming flagship silicon that Samsung is reportedly mass producing using its 5nm EUV technology?

Not quite, because Ice Universe earlier pointed that while the performance and efficiency gaps have been reduced, the Snapdragon 875 still maintains the leak. Still, the fact that customers may not have to complain about performance, overheating, stuttering, or any other related issues for long means they won’t get livid about spending a small fortune on any Galaxy S21 model. There was also a report where Samsung was said to have partnered with the likes of ARM and AMD to continue the development of custom CPUs and GPUs, so it’s not like the Korean giant will be relying on the Cortex and Mali family indefinitely.

This is actually a great sign since not using custom cores means Samsung has indirectly admitted its mistake of developing sub-par performing chipsets and it looks like in the future, the company may rectify these mistakes. Only time will tell what comes next.

News Source: Ice Universe

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