DxOMark’s iPhone 11 Pro Max Selfie Camera Score Is Lower Than Pixel 4’s but It Still Finds a Spot in Top 10


DxOMark earlier reviewed the primary camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and in short, it’s the best combination of optics hardware and software that Apple has produced by any stretch of the imagination. It’s rated the fifth-best on DxOMark’s rankings, and it looks like the iPhone 11 Pro Max selfie camera score is out too. Unfortunately, it couldn’t garner the same ranking, but it’s good enough to be ranked among the 10-best selfie shooters in the world right now.

iPhone 11 Pro Selfie Camera Receives Praises for Both Stills and Video but Suffers in Noise Control When Used Outdoors

The iPhone 11 Pro Max selfie camera achieved a score of 91, and provides better image quality than the iPhone XS Max, according to the website. The addition of the wider lens, in particular, has helped improve the quality tremendously as it fits more subjects in the frame and achieves better compositions in a variety of situations. Focus is another strength of the camera, as it captures both faces and backgrounds in detail at a range of distances and also gets great bokeh shots.

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Thanks to accurate face exposure, selfies come out great and the wide dynamic range results in controlled highlights and skin tones even when it’s very bright outside. The review notes that one department where the iPhone 11 Pro Max selfie camera requires improvement is noise as it is very noticeable when the phone is used indoors and when the light is low. However, noise is still said to be better than the iPhone XS Max, but it pales when compared to competitors.

The wider field of view of the lens has also helped with video quality, providing focus and extended depth of field. DxOMark thinks that this makes the iPhone 11 Pro Max selfie camera better for vlogging than previous models. The inclusion of HDR processing has also made video exposure better, resulting in a wide dynamic range in outdoor settings. As with the images, noise is one area where videos can improve, as there is a lot of loss of detail indoors.

In all, the iPhone 11 Pro Max selfie camera has benefited from the wider-angle lens and the inclusion of 4K video, which makes it a great upgrade over the iPhone XS Max. However, it finishes dead last in the top ten charts, so clearly there are much better alternatives out there.

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“Ranking beneath the top 5 in our database, it’s not a top performer, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max remains a solid choice for those upgrading from an earlier iPhone, or switching over to Apple for the first time.”

News Source: DxOMark