Download tvOS 13 GM for Apple TV [How to]

Uzair Ghani
Download tvOS 13 GM

Believe it or not but you can download tvOS 13 GM for Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K right now.

While we are still a few days away from the real-deal final release, developers can get in on the action early by taking the tvOS 13 GM for a spin. This is highly likely the same build that will be shipped to end users later on in the month. If there are going to be slight changes here on in, we will most probably see them in the final release of the software.

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Download tvOS 13 Final for Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD

Once you download tvOS 13 GM, you can expect quite a lot of new things, starting off with a brand new Control Center where you can switch between different profiles. This means that multiple users can have personalized experiences and suggestions based on what they have been watching. This is something many users have been asking for and Apple has delivered on this front. There's also added support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox controllers too.

To begin with the entire tvOS 13 GM download process, you must have a developer program account with Apple. If you don’t, then head over to this link to get started. Once you are done, you have several ways on how you can download tvOS 13 GM onto your Apple TV. Either you can download a complete restore image for the Apple TV HD and clean install it using iTunes, or you can download the configuration profile and push the update to your Apple TV 4K. Whatever route you end up taking, you can learn more about it by going over to the links below:

The installation process is same as the beta itself, but we will go into more detail about installing the software once the final build hits the interwebs later on in the month.

Despite looking quite similar in terms of UI to tvOS 12, tvOS 13 is still a big leap for those who rely on the Apple TV for entertainment. If you have multiple users at home, then the tvOS 13 update will prove to be a godsend as suggestions and liking won’t ever overlap thanks to multi-user support.

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