D&D Creator’s Unpublished Works Will Be Made Into Video Games via Fig


D&D creator Gary Gygax passed away a little over ten years ago. Needless to say, his legacy is of paramount importance for roleplaying games and games in general, which is why today's unexpected announcement is a welcome surprise.

The Gygax Trust decided to partner with crowdfunding platform Fig to develop and publish videogames based on his unpublished works which inspired the creation of D&D.

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Gail Gygax, Gary's widow, stated:

The worlds and characters to be discovered in my husband’s unpublished intellectual property are an incredibly important part of his legacy. Therefore, it was paramount that we partner with an advanced and innovative platform such as Fig that gave us complete control of his creative vision.

Alex Gygax, CEO of Gygax Games and son of Gary, said:

As a gamer, I wanted to bring my father’s works to life in a medium that I enjoy. I’m looking forward to working with talented developers who love my father’s work as much as I do.

Justin Bailey, CEO of Fig, added:

At Fig we offer our partners a full channel of services without forcing them to limit their creative endeavor, from helping them find the right developers for a project, to funding, and all the through the development cycle to launch. Gary’s unpublished works were some of his most cherished, shared only with his closest friends, and now we will help the Gygax Trust bring them to gamers.

Fig will work with the newly founded Gygax Games to find developers interested in taking on the project, launching the crowdfunding campaigns and eventually publishing the titles.

Fig's biggest crowdfunded game, Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, will be released on May 8th for PC with a subsequent console launch scheduled for late 2018. Phoenix Point from X-COM creator Julian Gollop was also funded via Fig and is due to launch this year.