Crysis Enhanced Edition Mod Shows How the Upcoming Official Remaster Could Look Like; Greatly Improves Textures and Lighting System

Jun 2, 2020

Ahead of the official Crysis Remaster arriving this year, the Remaster Studio modding team has released its Crysis Enhanced Edition mod that is aimed to push the game’s visuals to the maximum.

After several rumors, developer Crytek officially announced that it's remastering the original Crysis in collaboration with the developer behind the amazing The Witcher 3 Switch version, Saber Interactive. Arriving this summer for PC and consoles, the highly-anticipated remaster will feature numerous visual improvements alongside volumetric fog, shafts of light, software-based ray tracing, and screen-space reflections.

Crysis Remastered Delayed After Leaked Trailer and Screenshots Fail to Impress

We are excited to be working on the Crysis franchise again, and to bring all the Crysis fans a remaster worthy of their passion for the game,” said Crytek CEO Avni Yerli. “It’s an exciting opportunity to be able to bring Crysis back to PCs and current consoles – even Nintendo Switch! – so that a whole new generation of players can experience the thrill of a battle in the Nanosuit.”

So how will Crytek’s upcoming remaster look? We did get to see a teaser trailer alongside some screenshots but fans want to see more from the title that set the visual milestone for videogames back in 2007 and the years that followed.

In comes Remaster Studios' Crysis Enhanced Edition mod that shows how the official remaster might end up looking. The mod greatly improves the game’s textures and lighting system and features 8K rocks and grounds, 4K structures, screen-space reflections, max particles and particle lights, indirect sky lighting, reworked indoor lights, improved fog volumes, and more.

We’ve included the trailer alongside a set of screenshots for this amazing mod down below. Be sure to check them out as its quite impressive.

Crysis Remastered First Screenshots Don’t Look Particularly Impressive

Interesting to note is that the Remaster Studio modding team also appears to be working on an enhanced edition mod for 2008’s standalone expansion, Crysis Warhead.

The Crysis Enhanced Edition mod is available now for Remaster Studio Patrons right here.