Cougar Releases the Auric Line of Modular Power Supplies

Evan Federowicz
Source: Cougar

Cougar has announced a new line of power supplies, and this line is called the Auric line of PSUs. This line of PSUs features two different capacities and an RGB fan with a user-controllable semi fanless mode. This PSU line can be synced with most motherboards to allow for a cohesive lighting environment inside the PC chassis. These two PSUs are created for 80 PLUS Gold efficiency to ensure long reliability and high performance.

Cougar has announced the Auric Line of power supplies featuring a capacity of either 650 watts or 750 watts

The Auric Line of power supplies feature a modular design while utilizing an RGB 120 mm fan; this design allows for a lack of cable cluttering on the inside of the PC chassis. This design also allows users to connect the cables that they need to power the PC's internal components. These power supplies feature all Japanese capacitors, which offers a higher durability level compared to other capacitors.

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Source: Cougar

This power supply features an RGB fan to cool the internal components, and these lighting effects can be controlled in two different ways. The first way is manually through a button on the back of the power supply, or this PSU can be synced through the motherboards RGB lighting software. This PSU offers support for ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and ASRock Polychrome Sync.

Source: Cougar

This line of power supplies features an 80 PLUS gold certification; this certification ensures a 100% workload, this power supply will feature an 87% efficiency. In contrast, at 50% workload, this power supply will feature a 90% efficiency. This high-efficiency level ensures that high power PC components are not power throttled.

Source: Cougar

The Auric line of power supplies features a 135 mm fan, and this fan offers a 0-dBA switch towards the back of the power supplies. When activated, this fan won't start to spin until the workload is over 40%. This reduces the noise from a computer during lighter workloads. This power supply line is stated to have two different capacities, 650 watts and 750 watts. These two different capacities ensure that buyers looking for an RGB PSU can choose the required capacity.

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